Don’t lose your property to a natural disaster

Don’t lose your property to a natural disaster

Big Sky Disaster Restoration Service has been on the scene for many fire and water damage cases in Billings, MT. Having started in 1979, the company has served residential and commercial building owners and various insurance companies. Our goal is always to be there for the insured, helping them get their lives back on track by getting their homes back into good shape. Our phone number is 406-259-4460. Give us a chance to show how much we care.

A Personal Story from Our Founder

"Recently a fire broke out in a Billings, MT home right before Christmas. Everything was a loss or heavily smoke damaged. Even the children's presents seemed ruined. The family called Big Sky and we responded quickly. For our first meeting, we just took the young couple to breakfast at a nearby restaurant. We shared stories, photos, concerns and ideas. The parents were nervous about their kids having a happy Christmas. Confident that we could help them, we immediately began the process of protecting the home from any further damage. As we always do, we also gathered their personal belongings for cleaning and storing. Realizing what needed to be done, we immediately set to unwrapping and ozone-treating the presents for the kids. We wanted them to have a merry Christmas despite the circumstances. It was still a very difficult time, but the family did have hope." -Dick

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